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NEW: Orion Elements has arrived!

Tuesday, 6 June 2017  |  Admin

We are delighted to announce... 

Our brand new coloured crockery range, Orion Elements, is now available! The stunning collection consists of 64 items that come in four beautiful colours, Sandstorm, Slate Grey, Sun Burst and Ocean Mist, representing key natural elements of the Universe. 

Orion Elements offers excellent durability and longevity, whilst 
adding a splash of rusticity to your food-serving setting. Orion is 
already an established brand in the hospitality and catering industry,
preferred and trusted by many. 

Each individual piece is hand decorated which gives them their own unique characteristics, as no-one piece is ever the same. Beautifully crafted and made to the same standards as Orion. The range allows chefs to become creative and work with absolute freedom, using
each colour and piece to its full potential. 

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