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Cocktails 'booming' in the UK

Monday, 4 September 2017  |  Scott

In 2015, it was reported by Big Hospitality that restaurants were becoming as popular as bars for cocktail drinkers and pubs were not far behind either, especially amongst the younger audiences. Traditionally perceived as premium, cocktail sales were expected to continue to grow with customers willing to spend £5-£7 per drink (Big Hospitality, 2015). 

Two years on and the UK are still huge lovers of cocktails and in fact, 77% of surveyed drinkers are happy to pay a more for a quality cocktail, this includes not just the taste, but also how it looks too! Popular UK bar chain 'Be At One' is experiencing the boom first hand with cocktail sales increasing by over 400% since 2012. Last year more than 2 million cocktails were purchased across their 31 chains. (Carruthers, 2017) 

According to reports, cocktail lovers look for 'quality' and a 'premium experience' when deciding where to spend their evenings and us Brits are willing to pay more to achieve this. Therefore, it's widely anticipated for the success of any cocktail server is to ensure you offer a wide selection of branded spirits, whilst paying great attention to how they're served. 

Introducing... Double Walled Glasses

Up to now Double Walled Glasses have been perceived as an alternative to the coffee mug. However, these stylish glasses are ideal for serving cocktails and other premium drinks due to their 'floating' perception and their ability to keep drinks cold (or hot) for longer. 


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