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Top 10 Tips for Kids with Allergies

Monday, 11 September 2017  |  Scott

According to reports, 2% of the population of children in the UK suffer from food allergies and intolerances and worryingly this is expected to rise. As you are aware, children rely on others to ensure the food they eat is safe for them to consume and in a food service business, it's vital that necessary steps are taken to ensure allergic reactions are prevented. However, now kids are returning to school how can parents be certain that their children are safe in the hands of others?

We have spoken to @IntolerantG a successful food blogger and mother of a child with multiple allergies who believes 'preparation' is key for parents. and she has come up with a list of top ten tips on how to make sure your child stays safe at school or nursery for example.

Top 10 tips to help prepare for going back to school with allergies

  1. Check dates on all medication, especially epi pens that will need to be kept at school 
  2. Order medicines at least 2 weeks ahead of when you will need them, allowing for holidays etc. 
  3. Buy a plastic box with a lid and fill with 'safe' non-perishable treats so that if any treats are handed out for birthdays in class, there will be a safe alternative to switch to
  4. Don't leave labeling of clothes and shoes to the last minute. 
  5. Refresh your child's memory and check they know what they can and cannot eat 
  6. Also. refresh your child's memory about what symptoms to check for and who to tell if they spot any
  7. Buy a notebook which can act as a diary and left with the teacher each morning for them to read through and check. They could also fill it out throughout the day so parents can see what their child has been up to/eaten
  8. Make sure the school office has everything they need such as contact details, medication, consent forms
  9. Communicate with the school office regularly. If your child isn't having a good day make them aware so they know to keep an eye on him/her in their classes.
  10. Talk to the school kitchen and check with them about their upcoming menus to ensure your child isn't going to be exposed to anything harmful which could cause a potential reaction. 
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