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Friday, 03/04/2020

Zodiac Covid-19 Update

Monday, 23/03/2020

Coronavirus Statement Update

Thursday, 12/03/2020

Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Show

Friday, 28/02/2020

Hotel, Restaurant & Catering Show

Wednesday, 19/02/2020

Zodiac 2020 Catalogue

Bake & Roast It!

Friday, 24 April 2020

Bake & Roast It!


Baking is a great way to keep you & your loved ones entertained during this lockdown period.

The ideal activity to keep smiles on faces whilst we are having to stay at home for the health & wellbeing of our community.

At Zodiac, we have a range of Baking & Roasting Kitchen Equipment with our Baking Pans which feature a non-stick coated steel on the interior & exterior.

Our rectangular Roasters & Baking Tins are available in different shapes & sizes.

Whether you are looking to bake Bread or Cakes, we are sure to have something for you in this range!


Rectangular Roaster 34.5cm                 Round Sandwich Tin 20cm


Please click here to view our Baking & Roasting Range!