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Hotel, Restaurant & Catering Show

Champagne & Wine Buckets

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Champagne & Wine Buckets


With the Spring/Summer season fast approaching now is the ideal time to stock up on those Wine & Champagne Buckets. At Zodiac we have a wide variety available from Acrylic to Stainless Steel in a range of sizes perfect for all special occasions.

Keeping Wine and Champagne cool is an important part of preserving your drinks and maximising their full potential. Having Wine & Champagne Buckets are an ideal way of storing bottles of your favourite alcoholic drinks and along with our Wine Coolers keeping them cool and chilled whilst at the table.

In particular the celebration season is also on the horizon and with plenty of Weddings and Parties in the offing, now is the time to choose from our fabulous selection of Champagne and Wine Buckets! Click here to view our full range of Champagne & Wine Buckets.


Stainless Steel Champagne Bucket                               Blue Acrylic Wine Bucket