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Easter Baking

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Easter Baking


So Easter is fast approaching and its the time for all things chocolate and Easter Eggs! But, how about trying something else? Something a little different this year.

We all enjoy spending Easter Sunday with our families so how about indulging in some baking in preparation for some afternoon delights after our delicious Sunday roast!


Gastronorm Baking Tray                                 Swiss Roll Baking Tray

Our Gastronorm Baking Tray is a professional                    Alternatively we also have our Non-Stick Rectangular

piece of quality Bakeware and is ideal for use                     Swiss Roll Tray which ideal for a range of sweet varieties!

domestically in the home or commercially in                       This is made from non-stick interior and exterior on 

the kitchen. Need something to place cookies                     Stainless Steel and is perfect for domestic use whilst

or small cakes on whilst in the oven, then                            also being dishwasher friendly!

this is most definitely the answer!


 Please click here to view our full range of Baking Equipment perfectly in time for your culinary needs this Easter!