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Track Your Order!

Friday, 30 November 2018

Track Your Order

As a company, we are well aware of how difficult and time consuming it can be to chase your orders! Here at Zodiac we aim to ensure our customer's experience goes as smooth and easy as humanly possible. This is why we are incorporating a new system that we are putting in place to help you manage your order so that you are able to track the progress of it without the hassle of having to call anyone or go online.

Rather than having to contact us or the couriers, if you supply us with your mobile number on your next order then with your permission we can pass this along to DPD and you will then receive text messages updating you on the progress of your order. Once placing the order and providing us with your mobile number, the delivery progress will be sent straight to your phone without the need for chasing it.

Currently, this new service is only available to customers whose orders are being delivered via DPD so please be aware if the order is being delivered by Palletways, this option won't be possible. We are constantly aiming to improve our customer's journey with us and this is simply another reason why Zodiac are striving to stand out from the rest!