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At Zodiac Stainless Products we always encourage and welcome new distributors and joining our growing family has many benefits for you. Benefiting from our expertise in both Commercial Catering Equipment and Domestic Housewares of more than forty years. Additionally, you can also take advantage of our exclusive partnerships with Sunnex. 

We pride ourselves on our extensive stock holding in Birmingham which allows us to have exceptionally high order completion rates all year round. Furthermore, through our efficient logistic and business operations we are able to deliver in full, the very next day (exceptions apply).

Please note: We only supply to distributors (businesses that will sell on our products). We do not supply to end-users under any circumstances and their application will be refused.  

Sold yet? Apply to become a distributor today!

Please fill out the application form as best you can, if you need any help please call 0121 415 2540

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