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Why Zodiac?

Join our fast growing customer base and take advantage of our ever-expanding product portfolio, carefully selected to meet market demands and trends at competitive prices. At Zodiac we have a designated team constantly looking for the 'next big thing'.

  • Established distributor for over 40 years
  • Extensive stock holding in Birmingham 
  • Competitive prices
  • Exceptional order completion rate 
  • Efficient logistic operations 
  • Exclusive distributor of Sunnex

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Zodiac supports Acton's Cream Tea campaign
Wednesday, 7 February 2018  |  Admin
Monday, 15 January 2018  |  Admin
Restaurant trends 2018

Find out all the latest trends in the restaurant industry this year. 2018 is certainly a year for change and Big Hospitality has released their predictions for the year and some of them are just mindblowing. Including the introduction of vegan 'fast food', zero-proof gin and even chatbots. Have a read on if you think your business can learn a thing or to.




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